Old versus New

With every new shiny ad-tech bauble and innovative media platform, I think we're becoming more lost in the fog. The clients don't know what's going on and the agencies don't know either, but they do know (or think they do) is that if it's not brand new and cutting edge, it's not wanted. The irony is, while the media landscape has changed the need for good old fashioned ideas that strike a chord with the consumer, haven't. Mechanic Group advertising (www.mechanicgroup.co.nz) was formed in answer to the 'fog'. I don't ignore the latest trends, but I don't let them blind me to the obvious. And that is the consumer is still a human being, with human responses to wants, needs etc. What I do is connect those responses with a brand or product using the time-honoured technique of 'one-to-one communication'. By that I mean when you feel like the marketing is talking to you, not at you. Simple. Fog gone.

What next?

I'm still in love with advertising, despite the fact it looks nothing like the job I married. (Oh Lordy, how she's changed.) There is also a lot of talk about the agency model being broken, or at least blowing a bit of smoke these days. So, with that being said, it felt like a good time to start up a freelance creative shop called Mechanic Group Ltd (www.mechanicgroup.co.nz). Maybe I'm not the fix for the juddering in the industry's steering column, but I do know what it takes to create award-winning work that sells, no matter the format. So we'll see how that goes. It's week one. Early days as they say.