The rise of content creation, e-commerce platforms, digital tagging and social media are the new norm. Mindful consumerism is on the rise. AR and VR technology continues to astound in terms of what it can bring to the retail or brand experience. But in reality, what I see every working day, is that the power of a good advertising idea still reigns supreme. Happily, I know a bit about coming up with them. I also know how to inspire others to do the same - creating the kind of campaigns that, no matter where people see, hear or touch them, are still impactful and effective. I am in the business of storytelling, and as the head of Pixar once said, 'Fancy graphics might keep them entertained for a few minutes, but it's the story that keeps people glued to their seats.'

I have also spoken at TedX on the subject of inspiration, had three books published by Penguin and HarperCollins around the world, talked at literary festivals here and overseas, been the subject of a TVNZ documentary on 'Sunday', and (possibly most importantly) won recognition for my creativity at global and local ad industry award shows, from Axis to Cannes. This year at Axis, two Silvers and five Bronzes wasn't a bad haul.

In all truth though, I’m just getting started.